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Social isolation

I have had a batch of black and white chemicals sitting in my spare room for over two years, and have only managed to develop a single, imperfect roll. On first go, I found the developing process so stressful - I’m not a methodical person, by any means, so from screwing up timers, dropping chemicals, and generally not having the cop on to have everything prepared and ready to go, roll one was a journey. I loved the grainy, home botched, results, but I didn’t quite catch the developing bug.

Now, as we’re all stuck indoors, I’ve definitely found my creative juices flowing a bit more freely. I try not to be that person that forces myself to be productive during lockdown, but I’m happy to say, filling my time away from my screen and doing linos, shooting film, and painting has come fairly naturally. I work a laptop-intensive job, and when the clock hits 6, the last thing I want to do is read anything, write anything, or generally, look at my laptop in anyway. Instead, post-work has been filled with cooking elaborate meals and trying to make things.

Anyway, so here I am pulling out my very expired chemicals, my very problematic scanner, and some HP5 which I ordered online in a flurry after wasting an hour developing a BLANK roll of Potsdam (sidenote, I love Lomography Potsdam). The subject matter is a little lacking. I personally love nothing more than shooting people, especially my friends and family, so having to zone in on my own face for want of a brighter one, was tough. The rest of the shots were taken around my apartment, a seemingly shrinking circumference of space that I am inhabiting these days. 

I was happy with the results, given said faulty scanner and the expiration date on the chemicals. I added an extra minute to the developing time, and I can tell that they’ve all come out a little more exposed than I’d usually aim for, but I’m enjoying the harsh feel it’s given the images. Next up, I’ll be forcing Stu to pose for me.

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